How To Avail Of Grading Services On A Budget

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Land grading is a leveling of the surface. Dirt from higher up is moved into the lower-lying areas to create a nice level surface to serve as the foundation for your project. Sometimes land grading may require you to move in additional dirt from somewhere else to complete the job. In short, land grading is modifying a slope of the land to a planned grade (slope) and specifications for irrigation or a construction project.

Usually, hiring the expertise of a professional to grade your property can start at $1500 and go up to $60 000. If you’re a small business or new homeowner with financial commitments, we understand that high prices can be a hurdle. This being said, at Nicolee Grading Inc., we believe your lawn must slope away from your home gradually to allow rainwater to drain away slowly from your foundation. If rainwater runs toward your home, the water will accumulate around the foundation walls. This will cause moisture to build up, weakening your foundation. It may even become more serious, seeping through foundation walls and filling your basement with water.

We think that with a little bit of planning, research and scrutiny, you can reduce costs for grading or leveling while still protecting your property. So you do not get overwhelmed, we have made a guide to getting grading services on a budget.

Plan and look at grading options

Your first idea may not be the best solution. Plus, you may change your mind after a day or two and come up with the right solution when it’s too late. Hence, we suggest you call before you dig! We can help you plan and save you a lot of headaches, money, time, and effort.

Even if you don’t call us, we advise you to take the time to call around for pricing and methods of delivery! Remember, every dollar counts and adds up, but a grading job that is well done will pay for itself in drainage protection for your property and peace of mind for you, the owner.

Know your ground!

Each property has soil unique to the area. Sand, clay, or rock all have challenges. Thus, before you get started, you need to identify the type of ground and take into account the machinery that might be necessary to be able to grade it. Often the soil will be a mixture of sand, clay, and stone, and thus knowing what you’re dealing with will ensure you can budget and plan accordingly.

Measure twice, cut once!

Another piece of advice we can offer is to double-check your measurements a couple of times before you take any steps toward leveling the ground. Once you cut a slope, you cannot remake the gradient if you get it wrong. Even if you have planned everything out beforehand, it’s best to do a couple of measurements on-site and make sure grading will not need to be rectified or modified in the future. This is the best step to save problems and money!

Use the right equipment!

A grader, also called a road grader, motor grader, or simply a blade, is a form of heavy equipment with a long blade used to create a flat surface during grading. This said, HD equipment is not all the same! Yes, almost anyone can operate it, but not everyone can run it to its full potential. Additionally, HD equipment can cost you a lot of money if not used right!

Ask questions, and don’t proceed without clarity!

A final word of advice. As professionals, we have graded hundreds of properties and taken on the most complex projects, knocking them out of the park. So, if you don’t understand something or find the calculations and concepts confusing, ask us. Our people are always on hand and ready to explain and give you the information you need to proceed.

For more tips on how to avail of grading services, reach out to Nicolee Grading Inc. We operate as a husband and wife duo but hire more people for big projects. Our grading services include clearing lots, storage yards, roads, buildings, paving, and parking lots. We also offer landscaping, driveway grading, setting up grade marks, grading from flat to crown, cross-fall drainage, and surveying of topography.

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